Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Subject Matter

Topics posted to the scholarly blog reflect contemporary issues in higher education, and offer tips and best practices. We encourage you to tell us what works, what challenges had to be overcome, and what you would do differently in the future. In addition to explaining/describing a professional experience, it is expected that the foundation of the writing is grounded in sound pedagogy and offers readers three to five references.



The content presented should be more conversational and less scientific language. Avoid jargon as our readership is interdisciplinary and English may be the second language. Present the material in an organized fashion. Make use of headings, charts, tables, or bullet points in such a way that the content layout increases clarity for the reader. The length of the blog should be 950 to 1200 words.



Think of the blog as a stimulus for further reflection and discussion. Many subscribers use the blog to initiate seminar type discussions at department meetings and in graduate courses. Please include three discussion questions that could be addressed in the context of a faculty discussion, graduate seminar, or self reflection.